Physical exertion is very much in vogue and is important for maintaining health. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Physical exertion should be an integral part of your daily routine.

What is physical exertion?
Physical exertion is when you move above normal activity. This also means that the heartbeat is above the normal frequency and therefore more blood is pumped through the body per unit of time.

Physical exertion can take place in many different ways.

The most common type of physical exertion is running. In addition, there is an infinite number of variants of physical exertion.

What is the advantage of physical exertion?
An advantage of physical exertion is that, if you do it correctly, your health and fitness will stay mobile for longer, even in old age.

Furthermore, it prevents diseases and makes you more robust.

What is the disadvantage of physical exertion?
The disadvantage is that if you do it wrong, you can damage your body and get the opposite effect. Furthermore, physical exertion should take place regularly in order to feel an effect.